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The 150th Ottawa - Sandy Hill Scouting Group
January Cub Pack Newsletter


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January Cub Pack Newsletter

150th Ottawa - Sandy Hill Cubs

Bring on the Adventure!!!
Happy New Year to all!
In this newsletter, you will find some information on upcoming activities that are prepared for you! We would also like to take the opportunity to tell you that you are welcome to bring friends to join the pack! The more the merrier!

So what we have in store for you in January:

We will be learning a bit of sign language, making rain gauge and snow gauge as well as rain sticks.

January 27
Polar Day
An all-day event at the Rupert Community Centre, including chuckwagon races and more fun winter activities!
Details to come next week (leaders will find out on Thursday)

January 29
Visit to Fire Station

Departure from Community Centre at 6:00 pm
Return to Community Centre at 8:00. Parents are welcome to participate to the visit!

February 5
Skating on the Canal
If conditions are not favourable, we will have other winter activities in the park. Bring your skates!
Departure from the community centre at 6:30.
Parents welcome!

Bring on the Adventure!!!

Group Committee Corner

We would like to announce that the happy winner of the Gingerbread House Draw is one of our cubs!
Congratulations Trevor!
* * * * * * *

Cubs meet every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Sandy Hill Community Centre.

Identify your uniform!
If you havent done so already, please take time to write your name on sashes, shirt and neckerchief. It makes it easier for everyone to find their own stuff after we place them aside for a game or at camp.

The Pack Leaders
Thrse Beaulieu - Akela -
James Eaton - Baloo -
Jeff Thibert - Phao -

Long term calendar on back.

Calendar for the Year 2002:
Note: a lot of these dates are tentative. Activities may change and more activities are likely to be added during the year. Suggestions are welcome. Monthly newsletters will bring more precision on the various activities.

Jan. 8, 15, 22: Reg. Meeting: Black & Blue stars activities (no relation to Backstreet Boys CD)
Jan. 27: District Polar Day (Winter Outing)
Jan 29: Visit to Fire Station

Feb. 5: Skating Party, TBC)
Feb 12: Museum of Science & Technology
Feb 19: Regular meeting
Feb. 22: B-P Day: wear uniform to School;
Campfire on Parliament Hill (all sections)
Feb 26: Kub Kars

March 5: Reg. Meeting
March 8-10: Winter Camp
March 12 & 26: Building Kub Kars
March 19: Visit (to be announced)

April 2: Packs trial kub kar rally
April 6: District Kub Kar Rally
April 9, 16, 23, 30: Reg. Meeting: gardening & birding activities
Wall Climbing - Coyote Rock Gym
April 20: Hike - look at early spring animals

May 7: Special Badge Night
May 11: Scoutrees for Canada
May 14: visit
May 21, 28: Reg. Meeting
May 24-26: Cub Camp

June 4: Reg. Meeting
June 7-9: District Camp (all sections)
June 11: Reg. Meeting
June 18: End of Year Presentations Meeting

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