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We are having a great year so far. The youth have participated in many activities such as polar day, museum visits, rockclimbing, the White Tail Sleepover, lasertag and of course lots of camping.  Upcoming events include a trip to the wildbird rescue centre, a talk on Canada in Space, scout trucks, Kub Kars and more camping.
Bring on the Adventure!

The First Camp of the Year


September Camp ends Jinx!!

"See, Scott, this time it didn't rain."

On September 29-30, the intrepid 150th Ottawa Cub Pack joined with the 150th Ottawa Scout Troop for the first camp of the year at Base Rideau. Scott, who at the end of last June's camp had asked, "Baloo, can we go camping sometime when it doesn't rain?", was very happy to spend a dry weekend in the sunshine along the Rideau River.

Seven Cubs came for the weekend, having a chance to learn about animal homes, the importance of trees in nature, and how to put up and take down tents. Two adventuresome senior Cubs, Ian and Trevor, took advantage of the clear, windless night to try sleeping outdoors, without a tent. Although the night was frosty, they slept just fine, thanks to their warm sleeping bags and extra blankets and tarps. In fact, they were heard boasting about their exploit to some of the older Scouts the next day.

On Sunday, the Cubs joined with the Scouts for a wide-ranging game of "capture the flag". In the end, the "Field" team won, finding the "Forest" team's flag and bringing it in. Sunday afternoon saw Akela and Phao break open the First Aid kits to teach the Cubs about First Aid, and six Cubs qualified for their First Aider badge.

The Cubs are now forward eagerly to their next camp, the Winter Camp in March at Otter Lake - although several Cubs would like to go camping sooner than that!

This news was provided to the site by Baloo.

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