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The 150th Ottawa - Sandy Hill Scouting Group
Our Wish List


The 150th Sandy Hill Beaver Colony
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Our Wish List

The 150th is very much in need of equipment to take the beavers, cubs and scouts camping. If you could make any contributions by supplying anything on our list of wishes we would be deeply grateful. The group has a policy no child be denied the Scouting experience because of cost, but without proper gear many kids may not be able to fully participate, especially in the winter.

Ice packs

2 Kettles

2 Portable Can openers (Swing-Away or other good quality)

4 Lantern hangers

Guide lines & tent pegs (for setting up dining shelter)

20 Silva or Brunton compasses

6 blue/yellow foam sleeping mats

Sleeping bags 4 mid range -5C synthetic sleeping bags (child-size)
20 winter -15C synthetic mummy sleeping bags

4-6 4-man tents, nylon/polyester, for base camps
(weather resistant/rain proof)

Backpacks (different sizes)

Weatherproof tarps

Dining shelter(s)

2 Coleman Naphtha lanterns (small)

3 stove stands (for 2-burner Coleman)

3 single burner backpacking stoves (eg MSR)

Food Dehydrator

3 Water Filters (eg. PUR Scout)

9 collapsible washbasins

1 5-gallon water jugs

3 collapsible saws

3 pot sets

4 5-8 litre pots

Gear and Kitchen trailer:
a 4x6 or 4x8 light utility trailer, or former tent trailer
tarps & poles to build a kitchen shelter.

FRS Motorola type portable 2-way radios (3 sets)

Anything to add?