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The 150th Ottawa - Sandy Hill Scouting Group
Cub March Newsletter


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Bring on the Adventure!
Diefenbunker Trip
3911 Carp Road, Carp
Departure: 6 m Community Centre
Tuesday, March 26
Cost: $6,00 per child
Return: 8:30
Popcorn Sales
March 5-19.
In the fall, cubs sold way more popcorn than scouts. Now the scouts want revenge Are we going to let them??? So ask your parents to bring forms to work, ask your teachers, neighbours, everyone you know!!
Please bring in the money fundraised on each Tuesday.
Popcorn sales are a vital part of the fundraising picture - see attached memo.
Kub Kars
Mark this date on your calendar! April 6  Details to follow.

Group Committee Corner
First Annual 150th Dinner
When? Saturday June 15
Why? For fun, to give a chance for youth, parents, leaders to get together and interact, to show off what Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been up to this year and to publicly celebrate their many accomplishments.
This is also a chance to raise some much-needed funds to help send some of the youth to camp and other activities.
Volunteers to help with the planning are needed. Please if you have any interest or experience in organizing this type of event, contact Samantha Wharton at 565-1326.
The Pack Leaders
  Thérèse Beaulieu - Akela  - e-mail:
   James Eaton - Baloo  - 
   Jeff Thibert - Phao - 
Calandar of Events
Tentative dates for activities may change and more activities are likely to be added during the year. An estimated cost is associated to outings. Suggestions are welcome.
April 9, 16: Gardening & birding activitiesl
April 20: Hike - look at early spring animals
April 23 Wall Climbing - Coyote Rock Gym  ($10-12)
May 7: Special Badge Night
May 11:  Scoutrees for Canada
May 14: visit (free)
May 24-26: Cub Camp ($22)
June 7-9: District Camp ($30)