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The 150th Ottawa - Sandy Hill Scouting Group


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The Bake Sale!

November 30th at the Civic Hospital!

On November 30th we will be continuing our fundraising effort by running a bake sale at the Civic Hospital. Pauline Lafleur and I, Samantha Wharton, will be on site to do the selling. No youth will be able to join us because it is a school day. However, we REALLY need our parents to contribute baked goods and we need one ride in the morning and one in the afternoon. We are willing to be very flexible about the time of the rides but this is imperative to our efforts. Pauline and I have no access to a vehicle and if we cannot get a ride we will have to cab there which will eat significantly into any profits that will be made. It is the ride in the morning that is the most needed. Please, if you can help with this let us know.
Also, the more baked goods we recieve from parents the more pure profit we can make from this effort. All the money raised will go to the group and therefore, to your children. Because we want to meet the youth's needs this year we need to ask more from our parents. We know that our parents can meet the challenge with us. Please see the handout sent home with your youth last Tuesday for the suggested baking list or contact me, Samantha, or Pauline at 565-1326.

Running a good Scouting program takes movey. The 150th Ottawa-Sandy Hill raises funds to keep camp costs low, and add more camping gear and equipment to cope with our growing number of children- our current target is to expand our kitchen kit so that two groups may camp at once, and to obtain winter sleeping bags for the Scout Troop. Funds raised also help pay for day outings for the youth, such as Kub Kar Rally and Beaveree, and to ensure that no child is turned away from a Scouting even because they cannot afford to pay. Our leaders are all volunteers, giving four to six hours per week to the program, plus a weekend a month.